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kisui Berlin

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Bridal gown, Bridal dress, Veils, Bags, Capes

kisui Berlin

Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße 90, 10585 Berlin


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Kisui Berlin is offering two unique bridal gown collections and matching accessories.

The ksiui Berlin collection is modern, romantic and elegant, with a special eye on quality of the used materials. If for you only a fine silk wedding gown suitable for a wedding than kisui Berlin is your choice.
The gowns are made in Germany.

The OUI kisui collection has soft flowing vintage inspired wedding gowns. This gowns have a feathery and romantic vibe. Beside of silk modern materials are used to make these dream gowns. The OUI collection is made in Germany.

Keywords:  Bridal gown, Bridal dress, Veils, Bags, Capes.

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