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The common language and the cultural traditions form a direct bridge to the audience at your wedding.

Roman Rolnik
Dear visitors of Mixed.Wedding, the first portal for international and multilingual weddings in Germany.
My name is Roman Rolnik and I am since 2005 as a successful DJ & presenter throughout Germany participated in international marriages. In 1996 I had the good fortune to emigrate with my family from the Ukraine to Germany. I quickly learned my second mother tongue, graduated from the Music High School of the cathedral choir, and then gained my degree at TU Munich as a graduate engineer. Thanks to my father, I was able at an early age to gain a foothold in the wedding industry and realized very quickly, which benefits The additional languages and My background earned me. The demand for international weddings increased more and more, so I decided just to work on mixed marriages.
In the same course I got other colleagues know that on
were able to use multiple languages. After an extensive research on the internet I could not find a platform that offered the possibility of the service for weddings according to spoken languages to filter. Since the language in my opinion is a direct bridge to the guests at a wedding, I made the decision even a wedding platform for international weddings create. Thanks Mixed.Wedding You now have the opportunity for your wedding to find the right service provider who understands your guests. As an advertising partner you can find at Mixed.Wedding interesting orders and customers who depend on your language skills.

We wish you much success in search and our partners a lot of interesting jobs!

Roman Rolnik

Das Gesicht hinter Mixed.Wedding!
Moderator, DJ, Ingeneur, Unternehmer.

Roman Rolnik

Jennifer Scholz

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It need not always be complicated, we have already done the groundwork for you and the best picked out from the wedding industry for you.


Place your spoken languages and receive at a glance the service providers that best suit your wedding in the yellow pages of Mixed.Wedding.


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